¿Y si mañana renunciara a todo aquello que equilibre la balanza?

28 oct. 2011


Come, come back, it’s not the end.
Keep it real, listen me shouting you; hey!
Where’re you today? I can’t see your steps.
These walls seem so grew without you,
and a tear is dying on the floor.
Keep it real, keep on wealth my breath; where’re you, where?

Nights are falling in darkness cause’ I’ve not your light today.
Please, find your way to come home, it doesn’t matter when; just come.
I’ll stay alive since I’ll see the moon changing her face,
here, where you changed my mind, I’ll stay.

You appear in my dreams; there is where you appeal to my calm.
Then, my sweet dreams became nightmares, when I saw your shadow going away.
Someone tell me ones, that you won’t be mine forever, but;
what means really ever? Cause’ one time I told you, I’ll love you ever,
and I keep that here, in my soul, in every breath.
In every time I think on you, in every strength. I only want to ask you; where?

Cause’ I’ll keep my searching on; I want to solve my mistakes.
Just give me one more chance, and you’ll see how I’ll change.
Stop for a moment, it’s O.K. Keep on dress loneliness.
I want to take a rest to accept, that I only know the happiness with her.

Falling skies are looking me up, clouds that appeared over my head to keep me well.
No more cell phones calls, no more ways without you.
And one more night, shouting for you…
my pain ask; where?

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