¿Y si mañana renunciara a todo aquello que equilibre la balanza?

25 abr. 2011

Ending whit this December.

I asked you to stay, just a few minutes more.
I just wanted to be with you, but, the facts
of someone that weren't me, toke you out of my road.

Let me lose my mind in Tubber, I don't wanna continued fighting.
I'm just tired about this game, where you always have the ace,
and where I lose the control, I died between a lot of queens,
so diferent to you, never special them, never clever me.

Come back, just have a chat. I wanna talk with you,
hearing your voice once I sure I could take off from pain.
Cool, you talk to me one more time, but me mind go blind.
No words I found for you, there ain't more feelings to show you.

You must be shouting, 'cause I can't hear my heart.
I think he's saying something about love you,
that being without you is killing him.
This emotional rollercoaster it's leading me to madness...

This is the end of gloom, it's time to end whit this December
that in the past seemed to be for ever, but it's finishing slowly.
Of course I remember that love it's a mathematical error,
but sorry, I wanna think that the error tonight it's just gonna be relative.

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