¿Y si mañana renunciara a todo aquello que equilibre la balanza?

30 nov. 2010

I’m sorry love, but tonight my love you lose.

Is any one right there?
Listen to this poet, crying about her heart.
It's anyone right there, that want to see me safe?
Let's come here and talk, I only want to learn.

What I have to do for be more happy has I can be,
whit she, killing me, when I was arched next to her feet.
Come on darling, not be sad, I only no understand,
why your love goes whit the first that had pass.

I knew that it can pass, but I was sure you love me.
Maybe I tried to fell, senses that you never show me.
I know is late, but let me say, that I always love you.
You know that is dark now and I don’t want to hear you barking!

I want just to park my heart, but I only know your parking!
I'm only asking you for a rest, I don’t want to continue fighting,
not tonight, during this resting time, I only want to stay crying yet

and let me see, how it can be my live whit out you.
I want to be free, no freeze, I don’twant to love you.
But I'm sorry, I'm not a toy, you can't play whit me,
I hope that in the time you play whit me, you enjoy.

Tonight it's freezing, maybe you're near, and I have to stand
cause if I see you I'm sure I will go madly.
But I'm not crazy, you become so lazy. This watch in the wall
tell me not to be your baby, and then maybe you'll go for ever.

I defy you to came here, and tell once the true,
cause I only heard your lies, I really need a clue.
For what I have to do, for be more human than you,
to no destroy everything, who believe now in you?
Do you think I'll never know, what seams like your show?
I’m sorry love, but tonight, close your eyes and cry,
cause my love you'd lost.

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